Benefits of a Plumbed In Cooler

If, like me, you are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment: you are recycling more, walking instead of taking the car and remembering to turn off the taps when brushing your teeth, then you’ll understand why businesses are also looking at the impact they have on our world.

Environmentally savvy customers are demanding that the businesses they buy from, and indeed the ones they work for, reduce the amount of waste they produce and lower their carbon footprint.

It may be as simple as promoting a paper free or at least a paper ‘less’ workspace and monitoring the number of car/van journeys that are made on a company’s behalf. If you work for a business that wants to reduce the impact it has on the environment then one way to do this is a simple switch to a plumbed-in water cooler. Unlike bottled water dispensers which require regular van deliveries to ensure the office has a constant supply of water, Aquastations simply connect your stylish new water cooler to your plumbing for an environmentally friendly and constant freshly filtered water supply.

A plumbed in cooler is kinder to your bills too as it is more cost effective than using a bottled cooler and a twice annual sanitisation and a regular filter change is included in the price.

The filtered, chilled water produced by a plumbed in cooler tastes great, regardless of the taste of your tap water. But don’t take our word for it, contact Aquastations for a free trial and see how you can save time, money and do your bit to help save the environment by choosing a plumbed in cooler.

Get plumbed in. Help the environment.

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