Autumn Days and the Grass is Jewelled

Back to school; new closed-toe shoes after three months of sandals; harvest festival low-level-religious hymn-singing practice; covering your school books with Smash Hits posters; crunchy leaves that might conceal a hedgehog (but more probably a dog poo); bright cold mornings; putting on an ‘extra layer’; soup not salad; only three months until Christmas; yes, it is officially Autumn.

As the central heating gets switched back on, for an hour in the morning for the next few weeks before being set to permanently ON, and the weather turns colder, a glass of the chilled stuff (water, not lager) might be at the bottom of your dietary wish list.

But it is more important than ever to remember to stay hydrated at this time of year. You will be in an artificially warm environment (even if that means your own coat and gloves in the office as your boss refuses to turn up the heating) and if you become dehydrated you will be left feeling tired and headachy.

So, drink up, 8 glasses a day is best, and encourage your boss to save time and money by getting a plumbed in cooler so you never run out. It isn’t time to hibernate yet and getting the correct daily intake of water will ensure you’re not tempted to!

Get plumbed in. Stay hydrated with out water coolers.

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