Why water?

To quote a slightly wrinkly but a glorious shade of walnut celebrity favourite of mine (not David Dickinson, who I would happily take a cash offer of 50p for, so I wouldn’t have to be in his company for one minute longer while I waited around for the auction) but none other than that voice from the valleys, Mr TJ Tom Jones, ‘why why why?’ (I’ll leave out the Deliliah part, and won’t denigrate the song by adding water at the end, it’s too precious a national anthem)…

Well the answer is simple. Sorry if you are confused as to the question due to my ramblings. Question: Why water? Answer: Simple.

Simple as in water keeps you functioning at the top of your game, even if your game is tiddlywinks (my personal favourite). If you give your staff easy access to a glass or eight a day then it makes them work harder, and possibly love you. If you share the management style of the CEO of Yahoo, name escapes me, and you believe that being in the office and hanging out together generates more ideas, gets the team working as one and leads to a more productive workforce, then encourage them to be in the office and hang out by giving them a water cooler to hang out around. See? Simple.

Alternatively if you think, as I believe, that aforementioned CEO is a bit upset that most people with small children don’t prioritise their work above their kids like she does and choose to work from home so they don’t waste 2 hours + a day commuting when they could be shouting at their lovely children, or they even find that they work harder when they’re not having to ‘hang out’, then you can still have a cooler for yourself, you’re worth it. Or better still, get your hard working, loyal, affectionate staff a cooler for their home… Oooo, generous boss, I must work extra hard for you! Again, simple!

Whatever your point of view about where the ‘best place’ to work is, make sure you and your staff drink enough water while you are ‘at work’. That will make more of a difference to your productivity than where your desk is situated.

Get a plumbed in. Stay hydrated with residential water coolers and office water coolers.

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