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Tales from the Water Cooler

So, a lot has happened since the last Aquastations Blog Update – we’ve been streamlining, rationalising and specialising. Or to put it another way, which I admit probably sounds less ‘business speak’, we’ve sold the bottled water cooler side of the business and now Aquastations is all about the plumbed in.

It was a tough decision but we sincerely believe that the cost-effective; environmentally-friendly; sleek-looking and general all round ‘good guys’ of the water cooler world, our friends the mains-fed coolers, are the way forward when it comes to drinking water.

A couple of reasons why:

Limited carbon footprint – no vans pounding up and down the A1 with tens of bottles crammed on board. We deliver your machine and plumb it in and then only have to see you twice a year for a machine-clean. We can come more often if you miss us, but we’re only at the end of the phone so save the environment and just call for a chat.

Less environmental impact – yes, the bottles can be re-used, but the environment still takes a beating to produce the bottles in the first place. Even if you do re-cycle the bottle into an attractive fish tank then it will eventually have to go to landfill when your beloved fish, to whom you have become quite attached, goes belly up… R.I.P. Minnow.

Less cost – of course we understand that you care about the environment, and your carbon footprint, but all this comes at a price. The great news is that it comes at a reduced price to what you would normally pay for your bottled water. In fact if you use two bottles of water a week and switch to a plumbed in cooler then you can half your cost. Yes, half the cost. Sounds good doesn’t it? A warm glow from saving the world from environmental disaster, a warm glow in your finance director’s heart and a cool glass of perfectly filtered, chilled, refreshing water. Mmmm.

Plumbed in water coolers. They’re the future.