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Summer Holiday?

So, it’s the time of year again when it seems that summer has already been and gone (do you remember those relentlessly hot days in May or are your memories as cloudy as a July sky?), and yet the official (school) ‘Summer Holidays’ haven’t even started! That doesn’t matter to me though, as I follow my lifelong tradition of dressing for the season and not for the weather.

Even though it’s less than warm outside, there is a constant threat of rain and the sky looks as bright as my dalmatian puppy (not very bright, if you were in any doubt) – I am determined to honour the official Summer Holiday by keeping my appropriate, that is rainproof, clothing in the cupboard. I will wear flip flops, summer dresses and leave the house without anything but some factor 30+ (eternal optimist) and change for an ice cream.

One thing I will be doing whether it rains, sleets or snows (please no!!) is continue with my quest to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. So I’ll be popping a bottle of water in my bag next to the suncream – topped up by my trusty home water cooler, of course. If I get rained on, then at least I’ll be hydrated inside and out!

Fingers crossed for a fantastic summer, whatever the weather you can count on our water coolers!